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2010 – Seasons of your own Armenian Girl

2010 – Seasons of your own Armenian Girl

To your Prelates, Clergy, Federal User Set up, Therefore the Armenian Loyal Of your own Catholicosate of Higher Household away from Cilicia

Into the threshold of the year 2010, we anticipate you that have pontifical blessing and you will warm Religious love away from the Catholicosate of High House away from Cilicia within the Antelias.

As you know, annually i ask all of our faithful so you’re able to meditate abreast of another type of value, an important aspect, a crucial matter otherwise a serious challenge related to our church and you can people lifestyle, and also to underscore, by effective setting and you will real ways, the essential benefits in the interests of the new subsequent company and prosperity of our people lives.

In accordance with the same expectation, and because of the important character booked to the Armenian lady within the the life of your individuals, we suppose the season 2010 because

“The year Of your own ARMENIAN Lady”

Indeed, ladies have begun in order to occupy a main set presently day, in some spheres and formations out-of community, between your family into university, personal teams so you’re able to political establishments, making use of their dominant voice and you may respected craft.

Like with which Pontifical Message i invite our very own faithful to put Armenian ladies under the limelight from inside the newest seasons, it is important to observe him or her on a bigger historico-religious foundation, with the intention that we are able to safely describe and you may totally evaluate their own set and you will role inside Armenian existence.

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As Christians, i look at the Bible to-be the foundation of your truths, opinions and you will principles professed of the all of us. Hence, it is necessary to obtain the Bible because the our area out-of deviation once we discuss females. Actually, this new Bible claims you to Adam-and-eve are produced considering God’s photo and you may had been lay because of the Goodness within the duty so you can together and equally proliferate about earth and you can rule over it (Genesis step one.27-28). Inasmuch because China society is actually subject to new supremacy of one’s male sex, i as well as find lady basically presented with an equivalent image in the outdated Testament.

2010 – Year of your own Armenian Lady

The image from lady appears totally reversed on New testament. Lady be really worth God’s grace; the brand new Kid out of God was incarnated as a consequence of girl (Luke step one. 26-38). It event per se try a primary wave inside the a community that has been beneath the supremacy of the male intercourse. Christ turned into the new liberator of girl. Girl became a presence not only in the parables, marvels and you can theories of Christ, and also from the redemptive purpose out of Christ compliment of Holy Virgin Mary, mom from God. Prompted by special admiration it exhibited toward women, Christ and then the Disciples denied the male supremacy and you can ladies subordination, stressing this new equality between boy and you can lady.

Attribute regarding literature of your chapel dads, specifically, is the antithesis of your own “this new Eve” – the caretaker out of God, which produced lifetime to the world by providing beginning on planet’s Saving grace – as well as the “old Eve,” that has delivered dying to everyone. It’s important to observe that on Holy Virgin Mary, this new church planned to find not simply lady, while the paragon out-of moral virtues and you will viewpoints, but also once the mother condition of the the woman Guy and you will engaging in his suffering and you can happiness.

Lady, always through the Holy Virgin Mary, was a long-term exposure from the theological thinking and you can patristic otherwise hagiographic blog of your chapel dads, you start with St. Gregory the latest Illuminator. A similar can be said concerning liturgy of our own chapel, where the frequent regard to intercessor Holy Virgin Mary inside prayers and you may hymns are a note of one’s necessity of viewing the newest Armenian woman with regards to the picture of mom from Jesus.

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