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Sensation & Experience

The same tactical motion as traditional analog Cigarettes & Cigars.

Save $$$$

E-Cigarettes are more cost effective than traditional analog Cigarettes and can save a regular Smoker a fair amount of money in the long run

No Bad Breath, Foul Odor, or Second-Hand Smoke

Unlike traditional analog cigarettes, E-Cigarettes give the user a fresh and clean experience, in the flavor their choice.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly

All E-Cigarette parts are recyclable. Also, they do not produce toxic cigarette butts or toxic smoke, and therefore reduce waste..

Easy to Store and Carry

E-Cigarettes are designed to be light-weight and user-friendly. They come in various shapes & sizes, and fit comfortably in your pocket.

Habits are difficult to break, because they are automated, like a programmed software running in our unconscious brain.

You are essentially fighting against yourself. Addictions, such as to cigarettes / nicotine, are even more difficult because there is a physical withdrawal, in addition to severe craving and habits that have become part of the routine. Cigarette smoking has been proven to be one of the most difficult habits to break, and one of the hardest addiction to overcome.

E-Cigarettes have not been proven as a “smoking cessation” devices, medically, but most smokers who are taking up E-Cigarettes are doing so on the faith that they’re worth a try.

They are more of a transference of addiction to a less harmful alternative. Fighting addiction is different for every individual and while the results are not the same for everyone, it cannot be denied that E-Cigarettes make a positive impact on ones lifestyle.

*Please note that this list is not based on medical research, but rather on anecdotal evidence. It can be considered non-comprehensive, and symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.

Possible Side Effects:

Dry Mouth, Dry Lips, and Sore Throat

E-liquid, used in E-Cigarettes to produce vapor, is a humectant (an agent that attracts moisture), which can dry your mouth and throat, and possibly leave them feeling sore and/or irritated. Increased thirst is also commonly reported by smokers transitioning to vaping. This effect can be combated by increasing daily water consumption, drinking small amounts often over the course of the day, especially when vaping.

Headaches, Nausea or Racing Pulse

Negative effects such as headaches, nausea, or a racing pulse can result from the change in the body’s nicotine levels within a short period of time. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s recommended to lower your nicotine concentration and consult with your doctor.

Muscle Pain, Cramps and Aches

The vegetable glycerine in e-liquid converts to lactic acid in the body, which can sometimes cause muscle pain, cramps and aches. Most people experiencing this symptom find that drinking more fluids helps to flush the lactic acid from their system, in addition to soothing other effects, such as dry mouth and sore throat. Persistent problems of this nature can indicate an allergy to vegetable glycerin. In this case, medical consultation is highly recommended.

Allergic Reaction to Propylene Glycol

Persistent sore throat and muscle pain may also indicate an allergy to propylene glycol, another ingredient in e-liquid. Allergy symptoms may include night sweats, body rash, diarrhea, and a dry, irritated, or sore throat. If you are experiencing any of these specific symptoms, we recommend you seek the advice of your doctor and switch to a vegetable glycerin (VG) only e-liquid.

Vapor-Producing Agents: A combination of USP Propylene Glycol (PG) and USP Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Added Flavors: E-Liquid flavor used is a combination of natural and synthetic flavors. Some E-liquids may contain a molecule that is structurally similar to molecules found in peanuts. We have no reported cases of allergies due to our E-Liquid by customers who are in fact allergic to nuts, but this may vary from person to person.

Nicotine (when applicable):  Certified Nicotine.

WARNING: Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. While Nicotine is not a carcinogen, if you are not a smoker, please DO NOT TRY NICOTINE. Do not leave nicotine containing E-Liquid in the reach of children, pets or others who are not aware of its potential risk risk for them.

If you are currently a cigarette smoker and wish to try E-cCgarettes, the information below is based on various anecdotes from our friends and customers. We suggest you start with lowest possible nicotine strength, or preferably with nicotine-free options. However, many former smokers have been successful in switching to vaping using mild to moderate levels of nicotine e-liquid (this can ease symptoms of nicotine withdrawal).

Choose your nicotine strength cautiously; lower is always safer.

0mg a.k.a. ‘No Nicotine’

There is no nicotine in 0 mg e-liquid.

1.5mg a.k.a. ‘Very Light Nicotine’

This level of nicotine is generally used by experienced vapers who use powerful device that produce huge clouds of vapor. It is not recommended for beginners using a standard E-Cigarette as it is very light and will barely give any throat hit to someone who is  used to tobacco smoking.

3 mg, a.k.a. ‘Light Level’

This is one of the lightest nicotine strengths generally found in commercially available E-Liquid. It is often used by those who want just a hint of nicotine in normal E-Cigarettes. It feels soft on the throat, which is generally desirable for those who are not heavy smokers.

6 mg, a.k.a. ‘Medium’ or ‘Mild Level’

This is typically for those who smoke “light” cigarettes or are casual smokers. If you are a current smoker not sure about which strength to pick, this may be the right level to “test the waters” with.

12mg, a.k.a. ‘High/Strong Level’

Most heavy smokers find this nicotine strength very comforting in their initial days. They often find that it delivers enough nicotine to ease their cravings and gives a noticeable, but not overly harsh, throat hit.

18mg, a.k.a. ‘Very High/Very Strong Level’

This is one of the highest commercially available nicotine strength, and more caution is required when choosing this strength. We advise customers to not try this, however we understand that it is a matter of personal preference and we will let you decide for yourself.

*All nicotine recommendations and comparisons are based on anecdotal experience. Appropriate nicotine levels may vary based on the device used, brand and flavour of e-liquid, as well as personal factors.

Nicotine in e-liquid is measured by percentage of pure nicotine in comparison to the volume of the E-Liquid per milliliter. For example, an e-liquid with 6 mg nicotine would contain 0.6% pure nicotine per milliliter.

Mouth-to-Lung Devices

In terms of mouth-to-lung devices, where vapor is drawn into the mouth before being inhaled to the lungs, e-cigarette users will need more nicotine to achieve optimal absorption. These guidelines are based on any “pen style” device, or a digital device being used from 8-15 watts.

Generally, the recommendations of nicotine strengths for mouth-to-lung devices are as follows:

18mg/ 1.8% Nicotine – Full Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (25) or More

12mg/ 1.2% Nicotine – Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (10-15)

6mg/ 0.6% Nicotine – Quarter Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (5-10)

3mg/ 0.3% Nicotine – Less Than Quarter Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (<5)

0mg/ 0% Nicotine – Zero Cigarettes Per Day

Direct-Lung (Sub-Ohm) Devices

Direct-to-lung devices will produce a larger volume of vapour per inhale, meaning that the nicotine will be more effectively dispersed into the body. Use of higher nicotine strengths is strongly discouraged, since the user would be consuming far more nicotine than they would have with cigarettes.

Recommendations of nicotine strengths for direct-to-lung (sub-ohm) devices are as follows:

18mg/ 1.8% Nicotine – NOT RECOMMENDED

12mg/ 1.2% Nicotine – NOT RECOMMENDED

6mg/ 0.6% Nicotine – Full Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (25)

3mg/ 0.3% Nicotine – Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (10-15)

1.5mg/ 0.15% Nicotine – Less Than Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (<10)

0mg/ 0% Nicotine – Zero Cigarettes Per Day

Internal Battery

An internal or “fixed” battery device will typically last 3 to 6+ months before you may begin to notice a decline in performance. This can vary based on usage and charge cycles.

Removeable Battery

Removable, rechargeable battery cells, such as 18650 batteries, can last anywhere between 6 to 18+ months. Devices which require removable batteries are recommended for heavier smokers, as they can be switched out more regularly to provide full battery life. These devices often fare better long-term because once a battery cell has lost its ability to hold a charge, it can be replaced and disposed of appropriately.

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