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Simply from the Popular Republic out-of Congo would fewer than about three-in-ten (26%) express that it check

Simply from the Popular Republic out-of Congo would fewer than about three-in-ten (26%) express that it check

Typically, Muslims during the sandwich-Saharan Africa much more probably than their counterparts in other regions to state that Islam and you may Christianity has a lot in accordance. Approximately six-in-ten hold this view when you look at the Guinea-bissau (62%), Senegal (61%), Tanzania (59%) and you will Cameroon (58%), while you are more or less half consent from inside the Liberia (53%), Ghana (51%), Mali (51%) and you will Nigeria (48%).

A majority of Muslims during the Bosnia-Herzegovina (59%) at least 50 % of for the Kazakhstan (52%) state Islam and Christianity provides much in keeping; for the Russia, a plurality (46%) believes. Elsewhere into the Main Asia and you can South and Eastern Europe, only about around three-in-10 believe the 2 faiths features a lot in keeping.

Within the five of your eight nations surveyed in between Eastern and you can North Africa, a big part or plurality see Islam and you will Christianity given looking for a girlfriend dating sites that different religions. Whenever you are Palestinian Muslims try split to the dilemma of just how much the 2 religions show (42% say he has much in keeping, 39% state they are very different), most Muslims in Michael jordan (60%), Lebanon (57%) and you will Egypt (56%) believe Islam and you will Christianity to be totally different. During the Iraq, 57% regarding Muslims are undecided, weighed against twenty seven% just who believe Islam and you may Christianity possess a lot in accordance and you will 16% which say they are totally different.

Extremely Muslims in Southern Asia and you can The southern part of China say Islam and Christianity are different, including at least seven-in-ten when you look at the Indonesia (87%), Malaysia (83%) and Pakistan (81%). Inquired about Buddhism, 60% from Thai Muslims say it is rather not the same as Islam.

Education Associated with a sense of Commonality

Muslims who say they are aware at the least something in the Christianity was a bit more likely compared to those with faster knowledge to trust the brand new a few faiths possess a lot in accordance. Such, from inside the Tunisia, 68% out-of Muslims which say they understand at least things regarding the Christian beliefs and you may strategies state Islam and Christianity express a great deal for the prominent. However, certainly Tunisian Muslims whom state he or she is quicker always Christianity, in the one fourth (27%) state the two religions express common surface. Higher holes are seen in Iraq (+39), Kyrgyzstan (+34), Bosnia-Herzegovina (+30), Russia (+30) and you may Poultry (+30).

Matchmaking With people from Other Faiths

Relatively pair Muslims amount non-Muslims among their close friends. And in really regions interviewed, not everyone is more comfortable with the notion of its kid marrying outside the faith.

Sub-Saharan Africa is but one area where contact anywhere between Muslims and low-Muslims is often more frequent. For instance, good-sized percentages Muslims in your neighborhood claim that their families is both Muslims and you may Christians. As well, Muslims into the sandwich-Saharan African will take part in inter-faith classes and you can conferences in the a higher rate than just Muslims in almost every other places.

Best friends

In every country where in fact the matter are questioned, a huge most of Muslims state all or most of their close friends display their faith. The brand new survey discovers you to definitely even in countries that have reasonable low-Muslim populations, a big greater part of Muslims state really, if not all, of the close friends express their believe. Instance, from inside the Lebanon, where low-Muslims make up nearly 40% of your population, 94% off Muslims establish the circle out of best friends as the exclusively or mainly Muslim. thirty six Inside Russia, in which non-Muslims compensate 90% of one’s inhabitants, 78% away from Muslims say extremely otherwise all of their close friends display the Islamic trust. 37

Marrying Beyond your Trust

In 22 nations additional sub-Saharan Africa, the brand new survey questioned Muslims exactly how comfy they’d end up being to the concept of the youngster marrying an excellent Religious. Full, apparently partners Muslims get the thought of inter-relationships appropriate.

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